Monday, April 7, 2014

Eyelash Extensions For The Very First Time

" From hell's heart Eye-lash at thee"

I was never one of those girls that were lucky enough to have long lashes nor was I ever one of those girls that obsessed too much about lashes or felt the need to buy expensive mascaras. I did like wearing fake lashes and was aware of the complimenting effects and how it completed a makeup look. I had also heard of eyelash extensions. I've also heard of the amazing results they give and the amazing up keep for them as well as how costly they can be. Fortunately, a friend from high school is a Lash Extension Stylist (who was also a Lash Stylist in San Francisco) and offered to do mine if I was interested. 

I have recently been using a lot of glued on fake lashes along with mascara to give me a full Bridget Bardot like lashes but I thought getting eyelash extensions may be the go. I have never had them done before and I had to admit I was interested. Before I agreed and went to my consultation with my friend Vicki (Lee), I did some research on the best ways to up keep, maintain and extend the life of my lash extensions. I knew Vicki would give me some do's,  don'ts and other tips in keeping these lashes but I wanted as much information as I could gather and get the ultimate use out of them.

I had booked my appointment for a Wednesday and was told by Vicki that the process would take a good 2 hours and maybe more as we were high school friends and would probably be talking a lot and catching up at the same time. I was advised to arrive makeup free and this for me was a little daunting. Usually when someone tells me to go makeup free, I would apply a coat of mascara. This time it was zilch makeup. My appointment was at 9:30 and when I arrived at Vicki's home, she ushered me onto her studio.

Vicki's Studio, how cute is the set up?

Her studio was set up so beautifully, it offered a tranquil, zen like decor that had a black, gold and white theme that looked like complete comfort. There was a white bed table in the centre of the decorated room and a computer placed on the desk by the right side of the room that had relaxation music playing. After catch ups abound I was instructed to sit on the bed/table. Vicki ran through what she was going to do and showed me a card that gave me options on the length, width and curl of my lash extensions. Since I have never had extensions before, I told Vicki to decide for me as I trusted her on the best options for my eye shape and the look I was wanting to achieve with these lashes (which is a major factor in helping you choose the lashes you want). One of the things I remember Vicki saying was "these lashes are going to make you look like you were blessed with long curly lashes but look natural at the same time...and  you wont have to wear mascara anymore when you're wearing these extensions". Right I'm ready, lash me up woman!

The Lash Extension option card Vicki showed me in which determines the look I want to achieve. Here I can pick the Curl, length and width of my lashes. 

I lay flat on the bed, Vicki had placed white cooling eye pads underneath my eyes and began working on my lashes one lash at a time. Through the whole procedure my eyes are closed but I could feel my lashes feeling heavy as she places extensions on each of my lashes. Though it doesn't feel as heavy as if you were wearing the stick on fake lash strips. After she bonds the extensions, I could feel her placing a fan close by to set and before I knew it she was removing the eye pads and I was told to open my eyes slowly. I was relieved that I had no glue sticking my top lashes with my bottom ones. Vicki showed me the finishing result and I was in awe! I have never seen my lashes look this long and although they were long and thick, they looked very natural. I was loving this new look. I really did look like I was wearing some very impressive mascara. She told me that they probably feel like they weigh a ton but in all honesty they were nothing compared to wearing those irritating stick on lashes. Once the awes and oohs were done (by yours truly), Vicki cautioned me of what I needed to do for the next 24 hours and makeup products I shouldn't use. She gave me helpful tips and offered that if I have any other questions regarding my new extensions to not hesitate and give her a call. She gave me a curved mascara brush and told me to gently brush my lashes  in the morning as they gradually cross over each other and need to be combed to put them back in place and also to curl up any down-turned lashes.

The Results:



Goodbye Mascara!: I have to say I am very pleased with how they turned out and I love how they look.

It was such a wonderful experience and the results speak for itself! I was in good hands. I will definitely be coming back for refills. Did I mention how much I love them???! 
Have you had lash extensions done? If not, would you give it a try? (comment below)

Where I got my lashes done:
Black Ilash By Vicki
Phone: 0435 845 639 
Her Facebook Business Page with more info is found HERE

Black ILash By Vicki is offering an Easter special at the moment. 
$50 for a Full Set ( regularly $90) and
$45-55 for Refills

What the lashes are made of:  Synthetic Mink Lashes

*About Black iLash: Black iLash specializes in eyelash extensions. Lash extensions are a semi-permanent application of individual synthetic mink lashes. The lashes are lightweight, flexible and enhance the beauty of your own eyes. They will appear looking so natural that others will wonder at how beautiful you look without knowing your secret.
*What makes her different to other Lash Stylists:
I have the knowledge, patience and skill to apply lashes and create a look thats uniquely you. I choose a different length, thickness and curvature depending on the look that suits you best taking in mind your lifestyle.
*What she says about why she loves what she does: I take joy, pride and pleasure in what I do. I like to make people happy from the inside and enhance their beauty on the outside because I believe that when they look and feel this way, everything else in their everyday life, falls into a more positive place.

Things to know when having Lash Extensions: 

  • After the placement of your lash extensions, showering, exercise or any other activity that could result in moisture and oil having access near your eye area should be avoided in the first 24-48 hours. Simply put, this means you must keep your lashes dry within that time frame as it will let the adhesive bond and dry properly.
  • Avoid using water proof mascara. Use water based mascara (I've heard Maybelline make a great one) however, any organic one that doesn't contain oil will do and avoid oil based makeup remover and gel liners.
  • Avoid steamy situations (meaning saunas are out).
  • After washing your face or showering when drying your lashes, please be gentle and avoid tugging or pulling with the towel, instead gently pat. What I have done is set my blow dryer on the "COOL" setting and blow dry them but I have the dryer arms length away below my face.
  • Be careful using products like shampoo, conditioners and cleansers that contain synthetic ingredients such as Sodium Lauryle Sulfate and Propylene Glycol. These ingredients can compromise and weaken the adhesive bond. So be careful that you don't get any of these products on to your lashes.
* Content/quote was provided and found from courtesy of this website found here.
** The Eye Lash Extensions was a self  paid procedure with my own money and was not sponsored or affiliate.

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  1. Good God lord! Those lashes looks pretttayyy on ya! I would love to try them & to be honest, I have been contemplating for ages, hey! Love the looks of it but I am an eye scratch-er. I love to rub my eyes hardcore,big time lol. I think with such vigorous rubbing, the lashes wont last long on me? haha. I would want to try at least once in my life like how I tried the acrylic nails. I had it twice & I had enough hehe. Thank you for the post xx