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Have a LUSH Christmas xoxo

Racking your brain on what to get your loved ones for christmas??? LUSH have got you covered with their holiday Limited Edition range.

The following products are entirely vegan friendly (meaning no cruelty towards animals) but are delectable and have you smelling sweet for this festive month. Note: you may want to get a couple of things for yourself too :)

LUSH CELEBRATE BODY LOTION (limited edition) AUD $28.95 :

"A sumptious body lotion with orange, almond oil and lime. We've also added a splash of cognac to get you in the festive mood."

I am IN LOVE with this product. It's not only rich and creamy which will leave your skin feeling smooth, silky and moisturized. The smell is just amazing!!! There is no need to layer on perfume or body spray because I guarantee you will be smelling zesty fresh for the entire day.

Handmade with fresh ingredients such as:
Almond Oil - which is rich in Vitamin E and nutritious for the skin.
Cocoa Butter - which moisturize and soften the skin.
Brazilian Orange Oil, Lime Oil and Cognac Oil - according to the Lush packaging, this oil brings cheer to body and mind. It's no surprise as the scent is fresh, zesty and sweet.

LUSH SNOW FAIRY SHOWER GEL (limited edition) 100g AUD $9.95:

This shimmering wash will have you smelling like candy floss with a strong raspberry, sugary goodness. The sweet smelling wash has a hint of shimmer that leaves your body glowing and sweetly scented, makes your shower experience fun and (yes I have to say this because it is so true-) delicious. The carageenan gel softens the skin and leaves it moisturized.

TIP: After using this gel, I recommend lathering and drenching yourself with the LUSH Celebrate Body Lotion. Juicy and smelling sweet to the max!

LUSH ROSE JAM SHOWER GEL (limited edition) 100g AUD $9.95 : 

"Lather this sweet scented shower gel onto your skin. With lemon to bring clarity and rose to lift the spirits."

This Lush limited edition shower gel will have you smelling like a box full of Turkish Delight with a strong Rose base note. I have to be honest here, I wasn't a fan of this (especially after using and loving the scents of the Snow Fairy shower gel and Celebrate body lotion. However, this shower gel did grow on me and it does leave your skin feeling soft and sweetly rose scented. It has a stronger floral fragrance than their Snow Fairy shower gel.

It contains Turkish rose absolute, geranium oil and a hint of lemon. I gotta admit, the color and texture of the gel reminds me of the insides of a jelly donut....YUM!!!

LUSH GOLD FUN (limited edition) AUD $9.95:

This 4 in 1 multi purpose - novelty and totally fun moudlable soap that can  be used in the shower or bath, for body and hair. The limited edition soap comes in a festive gold shimmer (Radiant Gold Lustre to be exact) play-dough like consistency that you can great and have fun with. It even leaves your skin shimmery and glowing which is perfect to use after washing off your new tan application and if you are heading out to celebrate the christmas festivities, this is the perfect way to have your sun bronzed and glowing.

For the kiddies, it's a great way to get creative and mould the soap into anything their heart desires.

It is also scented with Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance - which leaves the body/hair smelling honey sweet. LOVE!!!

Lush FUN and Santa Baby Lip Tint ltd

LUSH SANTA BABY LIP TINT (limited edition) AUD $9.95 :

This highly pigmented lip tint leaves your lips conditioned and at the same time radiating with the festive color. The packaging is the standard Lush lip balm packaging ; small silver pot casing that is handy to add into any small purse. The color on the pot is a bold red, almost blue based but when swatching it on my skin it had a more pinkish tone which can suit any woman or man of color. The lip tint leaves more of a stained but matte look upon first application but can be layered for a bolder effect.


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb AUD $7.50 - I haven't tried this out yet but going by the smell this is going to leave your bathroom smelling beautiful. In fact when this package arrived, I was welcomed with this scent. Again this bath bomb is infused with Sweet Orange and Lime Oils with a dash of Cognac. Perfect combo with the Celebrate body lotion.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb AUD $6.95 - again I haven't had a chance to try this bath bomb out yet either but it smells just like the Snow Fairy shower gel. According to the Lush website, this bath bomb turns your water from bright red to vivid green!! Totally fun for the kiddies....or Adult kiddies.

LUSH and Ethics

What I love about Lush is their strong stance on ethics. They have made it a priority to eliminating animal testing in cosmetics since they had first started.

It's great to know that in 2012 they started a Lush Prize in which was an annual prize fund to be awarded to the group or individual scientists that could make a major breakthrough to remove the need for animals in toxicity testing due to the EU legislation REACH in which some cosmetic ingredients still require to be tested on animals. Lush's products feature only fresh ingredients and all skincare and cosmetics are all freshly handmade (hence why I cry when I haven't cleaned the entire jar of the face masks before their best before dates).

Besides their stand against animal cruelty, they also have an Environmental Policy (found here). Their product packaging is 90% made from recycled materials and even offer a Lush 5 pots/tubs recycling program where you can bring in 5 of your empty pots or tubs into any LUSH Cosmetics store and you will be given a pot of their Fresh Face Mask as a thank you.

At Lush they believe: making effective products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.

Believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on animals and in testing products on humans.

We also believe words like "FRESH" and "ORGANIC" have an honest meaning beyond marketing!!

I need not say more regarding LUSH and their commendable ethics.

LUSH offers both skincare and cosmetics that accommodate to both Vegans and Vegetarians so if you have a loved one that happens to be either, these would make ultimate Christmas presents!!!!

You can find all these awesome goodies at their LUSH online store or you can head in to your LUSH city store.

Wishing all my Beautiful readers a Safe and Happy Christmas and here's to the new year


Z xx

Monday, July 7, 2014

LUSH Rundle Mall Re-Opening Launch Party

LUSH Rundle Mall Re-Opening Launch Party 

I was lucky enough to be invited by Lush to their Rundle Mall Re-Opening Launch Party. I must admit, I have never really bought a product from their store (I have browsed inside a couple of times though), however, I had been given one of their (ever popular Popcorn flavored) lip scrubs by a friend and loved it! I was excited as this was a great opportunity to get to know LUSH.

The Line Up for the LUSH Re-Opening

In a rush to get to the LUSH Re-Opening Launch Party

I was (literally) in a rush to get to Lush (I kid you not) for their launch party. I had arrived there just a couple of minutes before 5PM and was not surprised at all to find an endless line. For those who were lucky enough to get there earlier there were vegan cupcakes and pink lemonade drinks on offer while product demonstrations were conducted inside. 

My absolute LUSH favorites!

Going into a LUSH store, you know you are always going to be greeted with an amazing concoction of aromas from all their products. Body creams, face masks, bath bombs, deodorants and hair treatments are just a few of the amazing products LUSH provides. They offer delicious pampering treats from head to toe using all natural, fresh and active ingredients (e.g. their facial masks are freshly made and have a fridge life of 3 weeks and because their lip scrubs are made of natural and fresh ingredients they are edible enough to eat...WIN). It is also good to know that LUSH products are vegan friendly.

Inside we were given a demonstration of the facial masks (on our hands of course) by the lovely store manager Nelya. Speaking about the benefits of each mask and how particular natural ingredients in the masks can help treat certain skin types and skin problems, I found quite interesting. We were also offered to sample all the other lip scrubs on our hands (hello Bubblegum, you may be my next victim) and I have to say I will be returning to the store to restock!

Sampling one of the many masks on offer.

With the popularity of the LUSH Cosmetics Re-Opening Launch Party it was hard to manoeuvre around and see all the products they had to offer as the store was packed.  I must say with the new arrangements and look of what I did see (e.g. the face masks all displayed on an ice table and oriental style gift boxes) looked A-mazing! 

Delicious Chocolate mask!

Overall, I believe it was a very successful Re-Opening launch party and I'd like to thank LUSH for inviting me to this exciting and wonderful event. 

Do you have a favorite LUSH product? If so, what do you recommend? Comment below.

Till next time Beautiful People,

Z xx

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Foundations of Beauty (Budget Friendly Edition)

Foundations of Beauty (BF Ed.)

Tried and tested. The products featured in this post have been my go-to and most used foundations for the past 3 yrs or more.

Foundations can be a hit or miss. There's a lot of consideration to take into account when buying a foundation. To us women (or men), foundations are our second skin. It's going to help us achieve a flawless look and mask our imperfections. The first (in which we all often do) consider is the color. Getting the perfect match of color to your skin can be difficult. For me it's hard, my skin color changes depending on seasons. Winter I'm an NW40 in MAC but during summer I can go as dark as NC45. Skin pigmentation often changes which depends on many factors, from your personal health to skin care routine and climate changes are just a few. A few years ago I was obsessed with using self tan on both face and body and I was using it in both winter and summer months. With the self tanning I was darker in foundation colors and would find the NW40 light on my face, fast forward it now (where I no longer use tanning products) and I am finding that MAC's Studio Fix NW40 is perfect for me. 

The second to consider, that some of us seem to forget - as there is a vast choice of foundations out there in the market that when a new one is introduced we seem to all flock to it (I admit all us beauty bloggers do it) - is our skin types. I used to make this mistake often. I would often neglect to consider my skin type and just purchase a foundation with good coverage to just find a few days later it would start an outbreak of break outs. I have very oily skin. The problem is that I love a dewy finish foundation but it's just not going to happen. If I don't choose my foundation carefully then at the end of the day I'm left with a patchy, blotchy, greasy looking skin. I am not a fan of powders either however, I know it is essential to my routine. The following foundations I'm reviewing are the ones I have found to have better suited my skin and have found them to be budget friendly.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in Natural Beige (400) 30ml AU$14.95

"Feather light, liquid mousse blends flawlessly for natural-looking, all day shine control.
Silky smooth formula leaves a perfectly matte, baby-soft finish. Lightweight texture
won’t feel heavy or greasy. Minimises the appearance of pores.
Oil Free."

 This foundation has been popular in the beauty world. Comes in it's simple tube packaging , for a drugstore foundation, it offers great coverage. The creamy consistency makes it easy to blend and apply and offers a powder /matte finish. I've read several rave reviews about this foundation and if you are looking for a base to give you a medium to full coverage at a budget price then this is the go to.

The color range that Rimmel offer is very limited. I purchased the darkest shade they could offer and it left me with an "ash" toned skin color that was not flattering at all which in turn made my skin look dull. Forget minimizing the appearance of pores I looked grey! To combat this I mix the foundation in with my Avon BB cream in Medium and a tiny bit of MAC Studio Fix Foundation (in NC 45) which has quite a strong yellow tone to give the Rimmel foundation a warmer color. My other problem with this foundation is that the first few hours the face stays matte but when someone( like me and most of us) work 9-5 jobs and you have my oily skin type then you'll find by lunch time your face is looking slippery and greasy. Although it is nothing some HD setting powder can't fix.

L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation in Gold Camel (W6) AU$33.95

If you are looking for a foundation that is going to give you a luminous glow and instant skin radiance then this is it. This sheer lightweight foundation gives you a flawless finish thanks to it's liquid light technology. It's glass bottle and rose gold pump packaging is almost as similar it's other L'Oreal foundation counterparts.

This is my absolute favorite sheer coverage foundation. It almost reminds me of the MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation. It has has the same light reflecting pigments in the liquid formula however the L'Oreal Lumi doesn't feel as oily. The skin is left with a dewy finish and is excellent for those who have normal to dry skin. I use this foundation when I'm running errands and when I want to go for a "no makeup" makeup look. Again, the only problem I have is the color range. I'm left purchasing the darkest shade they have and it still leaves me looking pasty and light colored so I'm having to customize it by adding my Mehron Celebre HD Cream foundation (in MD1) to give it a darker tone which in return makes the consistency of the L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation creamier therefore bumping it to a full coverage.

Do you see where I'm going with these drugstore foundations? I find the color range is very limited for olive and tanned toned girls like myself.

BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in W3 Medium Olive US$3.95

I have this foundation in several colors. I had been wanting to try out their foundations after reading rave reviews regarding the quality for the price and because online shopping for foundation is as difficult as online shopping for dresses I purchased several colors. For the price of $3.95, you can easily pick up a couple...or several colors (like I did) without burning a whole in your wallet.

This foundation is in cased in a lightweight glass bottle with a black pump. The simple packaging offers an outstanding quality product. It's light cream consistency offers buildable coverage which takes you from light to full. With it's price tag you can easily purchase a couple to customize to your color. A warning though that the darker colors lean towards the pinker tones. I often mix Medium Olive with Mocha to get the color I need.

Mehron Celebre HD Pro Cream Foundation in MD1 US$12.95


This is my all time favorite foundation. I am absolutely in love with this product. It offers triple coverage. On its own the Mehron Celebre Pro Cream foundation offers full coverage with the ability to build. It is perfect for oily skinned girls like myself as it is oil-free and fragrance free. It contains powerful antioxidants such as aloe vera, vitamin E and pomegranate.

I like to start off with a sheer coverage and build from there. I use a damp beauty blender and stipple a tiny bit at a time. This product goes a long way and lasts a while. It usually takes me a good 8 months or more. I do tend to use this foundation on nights out or when I am doing makeup shoots as I find it gives you a flawless finish on camera. It's cream consistency is easy to blend.

One of the great things about the Mehron Celebre HD Foundations is the color options. With 41 color options to choose from you are bound to find your perfect match. For US$12.95 a pop you can purchase a few to mix and match and to get your perfect color.

TOP: Arbonne Perfecting Liquid, Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse, MAC Studio Fix, MAC Face and Body
BOTTOM: BH Cosmetics, L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique, Mehron Celebre Pro HD

TOP: Arbonne Perfecting Liquid, Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse, MAC Studio Fix, MAC Face and Body
BOTTOM: BH Cosmetics, L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique, Mehron Celebre Pro HD

 MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC45 30ml AU$49

 Moving to the higher price tag  foundations, the MAC Studio Fix foundation has been a cult favorite among beauty enthusiasts. This had been my go-to for several years before I had found out there were much more pocket friendly options that offer the same coverage. For years I had been NW40 in color but I decided to opt for a darker foundation with yellow undertones last summer as I had gone darker.

MAC's Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is in cased in a glass bottle with a matte black lid. The downfall with the packaging is that it does not come with a pump however you can purchase the optional pump for $8 from any MAC counter.

MAC also offer another foundation in their Studio range called Studio Sculpt which is more creamy, gel like, while the Studio Fix is a liquid build. Both are matte finishes and offer medium to full coverage. The only problem I found with Studio Fix was that once it had set/dried it was impossible to blend.

MAC Studio Fix offers up to 36 shades (in Australia) which is fantastic for us girls who find that the usual and limited color selection that the Australian cosmetics industry offer does not fit women with ethnicity or have a medium to darker skin color. Another great thing about the Studio Fix foundations is that they are easily accessible to buy either in the MAC online store or walking in to your Myer or David Jones department store or stand alone MAC stores which can be found in many locations in Australia.

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige 30ml AU$55

I was first introduced to Arbonne products from a friend who was setting herself up as an Arbonne representative. I had never heard of them till I was fortunate enough to to play around with all their products and test drive them. What stood out (besides their amazing skin care line) was their Perfecting Liquid Foundation.

The Perfecting Liquid Foundation has your typical foundation packaging (glass/plastic clear bottle with black lid) that features a convenient pump included.

The foundation has a light cream consistency that offers buildable coverage that gives a flawless finish. With 15 shades to choose from you are able to find a shade that is close to your skin color.

This foundation is great for those with oily skin but it is also fantastic for those with dry skin as it is hydrating. It offers skin firming and anti-ageing properties, smooths and evens out skin tone. It is formulated with Optilight Technology which can diffuse light to create a soft focus effect.

MAC Face and Body Foundation in N7 120ml AU$160

When I was in L.A. this was my first foundation purchase. What I liked about it is that it is perfect for face and body and doesn't have the oily, "I'm wearing foundation" feel to it. This liquid foundation has sheer coverage but can be built to the desired affect. It gives a natural finish without the skin looking neither matte or oily. It is water based as well as water resistant, in which I tend to use this a lot (instead of the popular spray tans) on my legs, I mix this with a gold luminizer and voila, my legs look airbrushed and flawless! A little goes a long way with this product and the huge 120 ml bottle gives a good run for 6 months and that's using it on face AND body! It is excellent for those who like to wear minimal makeup during the day (face wise) and excellent for those who have imperfections on their body part (ie veins and spots) and want both color and coverage. 

Well there you go peeps, that's my list of favorite foundations.

I know there is so much out there in the market to try and if you have any good ones/recommendations please comment below and keep a look out for my higher end foundation review.

Till next time,

Z. xx

Friday, May 9, 2014

Get To Know Me Product: Beauty Shots Cosmetics Review

Beauty Shots Cosmetics

Emergency and Party Prep Serums

I am a HUGE fan of serums. I've tried a couple and I think I know enough when a serum does its job or not. I'm sure we all do. With millions of beauty products to choose from it is often hard to find one that becomes your favorite. I think it is safe to say when it comes to skincare we don't fuss too much on the price tag but more on the quality of that beauty product. For a good year or so I have been skimping on the serum from my usual beauty routine. I've just been at the old cleanse, tone and moisturize for clean skin adage. I am one who (when it comes to beauty) likes to take early preventative measures (we're talking about signs of ageing etc). A month or so back I was fortunate enough to be sent a set of Beauty Shot samples thanks to Beauty Shot Cosmetics. One was the Party Prep Serum (purple and white box) and the other the Emergency Serum (pink and white box). Now, before I give my verdict/review on the serums, here is some information on both the serums I was lucky enough to be given...

Get To Know Me Product:
Beauty Shot Cosmetics Emergency and Party Prep Serum

Each set of serums are contained in a small wallet size box that contain 7x 3ml glass ampules. According to the information printed on the boxes, the Emergency Serum is an "intensive skin serum system that helps nourish skin, soften texture and minimise the appearance of fine lines and imperfections" while the Party Prep Serum is an "intensive skin serum system that helps balance skin tone, smooth texture, reduce visible dark spots and improve skin radiance". Each box contains information of the serum and the benefits it provides as well as instructions in order to achieve the best results. There are varied options in ways to use the serums. However, they state that the best is to commit to using it in both your morning and evening skincare routine. According to the Beauty Shot Cosmetics, if you use the serum consecutively for 7 days you will notice visible improvements to your skin. Both Emergency and Party Prep Serums are free from sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colors and fragrances and are suitable for all skin types.

My Verdict:
I gave this serum a good test run. I found that 1 ampule is good for around 2 days worth of application though in the box it says it is good for 1 days worth but I think you can get an extra day in there with a good few taps. 

Packaging: I have found the pipette/dropper that it comes with (found as a lid) doesn't really do anything to pick up the product and you are better off just dropping some straight from the ampule bottle. Packaging wise, the white little glass ampule looks pretty enough to be displayed amongst your other beauty products on your vanity, practicality however I'm not sure of. I am guessing the serums are better reserved/stored in these glass ampules, which do make them convenient.

Product: The serum itself is non greasy and has a pleasant organic like smell. It dry's quickly on your skins therefor there's little time to wait before you can apply your moisturizer/night cream. Being still in my 20's it is difficult to see whether it reduces fine lines for me as I don't really have none. I am also not a party person so I don't really see much difference as I do already follow a strict regimen. However, I have been sick for a few days and I have noticed my skin isn't as dull looking. I have also noticed my skin texture is smoother, brighter and after application leaves my skin looking luminescent and refreshed. I have been using the Party Prep Serum and have started the Emergency one. 

Emergency Key Ingredients:
  • Pure Hyaluranan: Found in many cosmetics, it occurs naturally in the body and helps bind and lubricate our bones, muscles and skin. This ingredient is often used as a facial filler.
  • Marine Collagen: Is a topical skin tightening ingredient that softens fine lines, reduces wrinkles and lift saggy skin.
  • Rosehip Oil: A common ingredient found in skincare. It is a popular ingredient at it helps fighting the signs of ageing. It is rich in multi vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids while it helps moisture and improve skin condition. Contains Vitamin A, Beta-Carotene, Lycopene and Vitamin C.
  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Ginkgo Biloba: Helps reduce UV damage, contains Alpha hydroxyl acids which help gently exfoliate  the skin. It is often found in Chinese medicine and is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, C and E.
  • Ylan Ylang: Helps to even and balance oily skin as well as dry skin.
  • Aloe Vera: Moisturising antioxidants, Vitamin B and C, folic acid and Carotene.

Party Prep Key Ingredients:
  • Argan Oil: Contains Vitamin E, amino fatty acids and saponins which protect against premature ageing.
  • Vitamin C
  • Chromabright: An active ingredient that helps visibly lighten dark spots and reduce skin pigmentation.
  • Lipochroman: This is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells form stress, which causes dark spots, dullness and uneven skin tone.
  • Bergamot Essential Oil: Has antibacterial properties and an antiseptic that helps skin regeneration.  Evens out skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation and helps fade dark spots.
  • Pomegranate Extract: A powerful antioxidant that is rich in nutrients such as vitamins B5 and C. Helps to stimulate the production of collagen.
  • French Lavender
  • Aloe Vera

RE-Purchase: These products I would definitely purchase. Serum's are vital to add into your beauty regimen if you would like to take early preventative action in fighting signs of ageing. Beauty Shot Cosmetics Party Prep serums can be purchased on their page here . For Beauty Shot Cosmetic Emergency serums, they can be purchased here

With Mothers Day coming up, these would make the perfect gifts! What are your favorite serums? Comment below and let me know. Would you like to read more skin care product reviews?

Till next time,

Z. xxx

*Disclaimer: This item was gifted to me in consideration for a review. However, please note this review is true and the opinions stated are of my own. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Material (photographs/video and content) contained in this blog are my own, I took these photo's myself and therefore own the copyrights to these images.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kosmea Australia Rose Hand Cream Media Launch

I was very fortunate enough to be invited to the Kosmea Australia Media Launch last Wednesday of their new product; the Kosmea Australia Rose Hand Cream .

Now I have to admit, this is my very first Media launch...EVER! I was lucky enough to be invited thanks to joining this wonderful group in Adelaide that consists of Adelaide's own Beauty Bloggers community called the ABBM group. I had never met my fellow members before this launch so I was very nervous. When I arrived to the event, I met one of the wonderful members Kate (who did a great job in organizing the ABBM group getting invited to this event).

Walking into the Kosmea Australia HQ where I was greeted with the wonderful smell of roses (which happens to be the signature scent for their Rose Hand Cream), as well as the beautiful arrangements of their newest product, but also of the nibbles and drinks that were to be consumed through out the night. The theme for the night was based on their Rose Hand Cream so there were pinks and whites everywhere. I have to admit, I was totally in my color element, the arrangement was feminine and romantic.

When I ushered myself in I was greeted by one of the nights hosts Maria (the other host was Olivia), who later gave me my name badge and it was quickly onto introducing myself to others. The atmosphere was fun, friendly and inviting. Having never been to launches, I found myself socialising, moving and chatting with one person (and sometimes a group) to another.

Throughout the night, everyone had their cameras and phones (I think I even saw an IPad) out. Taking pictures of the product displays and the snack table. One favorite (aside from the new product launch) were the cute pink rose shaped icing on the cupcakes. A great touch to the nights theme.

The beautiful Rose theme was evident in their table arrangements. Just look at how gorgeous those cupcakes look!!!

Pukka Tea was offered that night. Perfect for that Rose theme.

Kosmea's newest addition on display.

Kosmea Australia is a well known natural skincare company available in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada and New Zealand. Their flagship product the certified organic Rose Hip Oil offers many benefits thanks to its unique qualities. With its success being a cult product amongst beauty enthusiasts, Kosmea have introduced us to their new addition to their skincare family. The Rose Hand Cream.

Some of the ingredients featured in their Rose Hand Cream are white tea extract, shea butter, jojoba oil and of course their Certified Rose Hip Oil. 

Kosmea Rose Hand Cream Rose Collection Gift set which will be available for purchase for Mothers Day (retails for $29.95).

Kosmea promises their star ingredient (the Rose Hip Oil) is 
"rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, to help smooth wrinkles, even out tone, reduce the appearance of scars and nourish dry skin"

The concoction of Damascus Rose Flower Water and Rosewood Oil (combined) make Kosmea's Rose Hand Cream's signature scent. 

I was fortunate enough to experience just how amazing the Rose Hand Cream was, as it was demonstrated to us that night and was passed around to sample. It's soft and creamy texture moisturizes and nourishes the skin and leaves it soft, yet non greasy. What I love about it is how fresh and soft my hand feel and the amazing smell it leaves me with. 

Those invited to this launch were very lucky enough as Kosmea were kind to give us gifts to take home. Their new Rose Hand Cream was one of the goodies in the gift bag (in which I've been using on a daily bases to give me a clean and refreshed feeling), as well as their Kosmea Cleansing Wipes (in which I absolutely LOVE) and Pukka Tea in Harmonise (which I have yet to try). What I have found myself doing daily has been cleaning my hands and face with the Kosmea Cleansing Wipes and using their Rose Hand Cream to  moisturize my hands. I literally walk around smelling like roses ;)

The Kosmea goodies we were fortunate enough to take home. Kosmea Rose Hand Cream, Pukka Tea in Harmonise and Kosmea Facial Cleansing Wipes.

Kosmea Australia Rose Hand Cream (50ml) $19.95 is available nationally at Terry White Chemist, David Jones and selected Pharmacies and Health Food stores.

Have you tried any Kosmea skincare products? What have been your favorite? (comment below and let me know). 

I want to thank Kosmea Australia for a wonderful night and look forward to their future products as well as the ABBM girls,

Till next time

Z. x

Eyelash Extensions For The Very First Time

" From hell's heart Eye-lash at thee"

I was never one of those girls that were lucky enough to have long lashes nor was I ever one of those girls that obsessed too much about lashes or felt the need to buy expensive mascaras. I did like wearing fake lashes and was aware of the complimenting effects and how it completed a makeup look. I had also heard of eyelash extensions. I've also heard of the amazing results they give and the amazing up keep for them as well as how costly they can be. Fortunately, a friend from high school is a Lash Extension Stylist (who was also a Lash Stylist in San Francisco) and offered to do mine if I was interested. 

I have recently been using a lot of glued on fake lashes along with mascara to give me a full Bridget Bardot like lashes but I thought getting eyelash extensions may be the go. I have never had them done before and I had to admit I was interested. Before I agreed and went to my consultation with my friend Vicki (Lee), I did some research on the best ways to up keep, maintain and extend the life of my lash extensions. I knew Vicki would give me some do's,  don'ts and other tips in keeping these lashes but I wanted as much information as I could gather and get the ultimate use out of them.

I had booked my appointment for a Wednesday and was told by Vicki that the process would take a good 2 hours and maybe more as we were high school friends and would probably be talking a lot and catching up at the same time. I was advised to arrive makeup free and this for me was a little daunting. Usually when someone tells me to go makeup free, I would apply a coat of mascara. This time it was zilch makeup. My appointment was at 9:30 and when I arrived at Vicki's home, she ushered me onto her studio.

Vicki's Studio, how cute is the set up?

Her studio was set up so beautifully, it offered a tranquil, zen like decor that had a black, gold and white theme that looked like complete comfort. There was a white bed table in the centre of the decorated room and a computer placed on the desk by the right side of the room that had relaxation music playing. After catch ups abound I was instructed to sit on the bed/table. Vicki ran through what she was going to do and showed me a card that gave me options on the length, width and curl of my lash extensions. Since I have never had extensions before, I told Vicki to decide for me as I trusted her on the best options for my eye shape and the look I was wanting to achieve with these lashes (which is a major factor in helping you choose the lashes you want). One of the things I remember Vicki saying was "these lashes are going to make you look like you were blessed with long curly lashes but look natural at the same time...and  you wont have to wear mascara anymore when you're wearing these extensions". Right I'm ready, lash me up woman!

The Lash Extension option card Vicki showed me in which determines the look I want to achieve. Here I can pick the Curl, length and width of my lashes. 

I lay flat on the bed, Vicki had placed white cooling eye pads underneath my eyes and began working on my lashes one lash at a time. Through the whole procedure my eyes are closed but I could feel my lashes feeling heavy as she places extensions on each of my lashes. Though it doesn't feel as heavy as if you were wearing the stick on fake lash strips. After she bonds the extensions, I could feel her placing a fan close by to set and before I knew it she was removing the eye pads and I was told to open my eyes slowly. I was relieved that I had no glue sticking my top lashes with my bottom ones. Vicki showed me the finishing result and I was in awe! I have never seen my lashes look this long and although they were long and thick, they looked very natural. I was loving this new look. I really did look like I was wearing some very impressive mascara. She told me that they probably feel like they weigh a ton but in all honesty they were nothing compared to wearing those irritating stick on lashes. Once the awes and oohs were done (by yours truly), Vicki cautioned me of what I needed to do for the next 24 hours and makeup products I shouldn't use. She gave me helpful tips and offered that if I have any other questions regarding my new extensions to not hesitate and give her a call. She gave me a curved mascara brush and told me to gently brush my lashes  in the morning as they gradually cross over each other and need to be combed to put them back in place and also to curl up any down-turned lashes.

The Results:



Goodbye Mascara!: I have to say I am very pleased with how they turned out and I love how they look.

It was such a wonderful experience and the results speak for itself! I was in good hands. I will definitely be coming back for refills. Did I mention how much I love them???! 
Have you had lash extensions done? If not, would you give it a try? (comment below)

Where I got my lashes done:
Black Ilash By Vicki
Phone: 0435 845 639 
Her Facebook Business Page with more info is found HERE

Black ILash By Vicki is offering an Easter special at the moment. 
$50 for a Full Set ( regularly $90) and
$45-55 for Refills

What the lashes are made of:  Synthetic Mink Lashes

*About Black iLash: Black iLash specializes in eyelash extensions. Lash extensions are a semi-permanent application of individual synthetic mink lashes. The lashes are lightweight, flexible and enhance the beauty of your own eyes. They will appear looking so natural that others will wonder at how beautiful you look without knowing your secret.
*What makes her different to other Lash Stylists:
I have the knowledge, patience and skill to apply lashes and create a look thats uniquely you. I choose a different length, thickness and curvature depending on the look that suits you best taking in mind your lifestyle.
*What she says about why she loves what she does: I take joy, pride and pleasure in what I do. I like to make people happy from the inside and enhance their beauty on the outside because I believe that when they look and feel this way, everything else in their everyday life, falls into a more positive place.

Things to know when having Lash Extensions: 

  • After the placement of your lash extensions, showering, exercise or any other activity that could result in moisture and oil having access near your eye area should be avoided in the first 24-48 hours. Simply put, this means you must keep your lashes dry within that time frame as it will let the adhesive bond and dry properly.
  • Avoid using water proof mascara. Use water based mascara (I've heard Maybelline make a great one) however, any organic one that doesn't contain oil will do and avoid oil based makeup remover and gel liners.
  • Avoid steamy situations (meaning saunas are out).
  • After washing your face or showering when drying your lashes, please be gentle and avoid tugging or pulling with the towel, instead gently pat. What I have done is set my blow dryer on the "COOL" setting and blow dry them but I have the dryer arms length away below my face.
  • Be careful using products like shampoo, conditioners and cleansers that contain synthetic ingredients such as Sodium Lauryle Sulfate and Propylene Glycol. These ingredients can compromise and weaken the adhesive bond. So be careful that you don't get any of these products on to your lashes.
* Content/quote was provided and found from courtesy of this website found here.
** The Eye Lash Extensions was a self  paid procedure with my own money and was not sponsored or affiliate.