Sunday, December 21, 2014

Have a LUSH Christmas xoxo

Racking your brain on what to get your loved ones for christmas??? LUSH have got you covered with their holiday Limited Edition range.

The following products are entirely vegan friendly (meaning no cruelty towards animals) but are delectable and have you smelling sweet for this festive month. Note: you may want to get a couple of things for yourself too :)

LUSH CELEBRATE BODY LOTION (limited edition) AUD $28.95 :

"A sumptious body lotion with orange, almond oil and lime. We've also added a splash of cognac to get you in the festive mood."

I am IN LOVE with this product. It's not only rich and creamy which will leave your skin feeling smooth, silky and moisturized. The smell is just amazing!!! There is no need to layer on perfume or body spray because I guarantee you will be smelling zesty fresh for the entire day.

Handmade with fresh ingredients such as:
Almond Oil - which is rich in Vitamin E and nutritious for the skin.
Cocoa Butter - which moisturize and soften the skin.
Brazilian Orange Oil, Lime Oil and Cognac Oil - according to the Lush packaging, this oil brings cheer to body and mind. It's no surprise as the scent is fresh, zesty and sweet.

LUSH SNOW FAIRY SHOWER GEL (limited edition) 100g AUD $9.95:

This shimmering wash will have you smelling like candy floss with a strong raspberry, sugary goodness. The sweet smelling wash has a hint of shimmer that leaves your body glowing and sweetly scented, makes your shower experience fun and (yes I have to say this because it is so true-) delicious. The carageenan gel softens the skin and leaves it moisturized.

TIP: After using this gel, I recommend lathering and drenching yourself with the LUSH Celebrate Body Lotion. Juicy and smelling sweet to the max!

LUSH ROSE JAM SHOWER GEL (limited edition) 100g AUD $9.95 : 

"Lather this sweet scented shower gel onto your skin. With lemon to bring clarity and rose to lift the spirits."

This Lush limited edition shower gel will have you smelling like a box full of Turkish Delight with a strong Rose base note. I have to be honest here, I wasn't a fan of this (especially after using and loving the scents of the Snow Fairy shower gel and Celebrate body lotion. However, this shower gel did grow on me and it does leave your skin feeling soft and sweetly rose scented. It has a stronger floral fragrance than their Snow Fairy shower gel.

It contains Turkish rose absolute, geranium oil and a hint of lemon. I gotta admit, the color and texture of the gel reminds me of the insides of a jelly donut....YUM!!!

LUSH GOLD FUN (limited edition) AUD $9.95:

This 4 in 1 multi purpose - novelty and totally fun moudlable soap that can  be used in the shower or bath, for body and hair. The limited edition soap comes in a festive gold shimmer (Radiant Gold Lustre to be exact) play-dough like consistency that you can great and have fun with. It even leaves your skin shimmery and glowing which is perfect to use after washing off your new tan application and if you are heading out to celebrate the christmas festivities, this is the perfect way to have your sun bronzed and glowing.

For the kiddies, it's a great way to get creative and mould the soap into anything their heart desires.

It is also scented with Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance - which leaves the body/hair smelling honey sweet. LOVE!!!

Lush FUN and Santa Baby Lip Tint ltd

LUSH SANTA BABY LIP TINT (limited edition) AUD $9.95 :

This highly pigmented lip tint leaves your lips conditioned and at the same time radiating with the festive color. The packaging is the standard Lush lip balm packaging ; small silver pot casing that is handy to add into any small purse. The color on the pot is a bold red, almost blue based but when swatching it on my skin it had a more pinkish tone which can suit any woman or man of color. The lip tint leaves more of a stained but matte look upon first application but can be layered for a bolder effect.


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb AUD $7.50 - I haven't tried this out yet but going by the smell this is going to leave your bathroom smelling beautiful. In fact when this package arrived, I was welcomed with this scent. Again this bath bomb is infused with Sweet Orange and Lime Oils with a dash of Cognac. Perfect combo with the Celebrate body lotion.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb AUD $6.95 - again I haven't had a chance to try this bath bomb out yet either but it smells just like the Snow Fairy shower gel. According to the Lush website, this bath bomb turns your water from bright red to vivid green!! Totally fun for the kiddies....or Adult kiddies.

LUSH and Ethics

What I love about Lush is their strong stance on ethics. They have made it a priority to eliminating animal testing in cosmetics since they had first started.

It's great to know that in 2012 they started a Lush Prize in which was an annual prize fund to be awarded to the group or individual scientists that could make a major breakthrough to remove the need for animals in toxicity testing due to the EU legislation REACH in which some cosmetic ingredients still require to be tested on animals. Lush's products feature only fresh ingredients and all skincare and cosmetics are all freshly handmade (hence why I cry when I haven't cleaned the entire jar of the face masks before their best before dates).

Besides their stand against animal cruelty, they also have an Environmental Policy (found here). Their product packaging is 90% made from recycled materials and even offer a Lush 5 pots/tubs recycling program where you can bring in 5 of your empty pots or tubs into any LUSH Cosmetics store and you will be given a pot of their Fresh Face Mask as a thank you.

At Lush they believe: making effective products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.

Believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on animals and in testing products on humans.

We also believe words like "FRESH" and "ORGANIC" have an honest meaning beyond marketing!!

I need not say more regarding LUSH and their commendable ethics.

LUSH offers both skincare and cosmetics that accommodate to both Vegans and Vegetarians so if you have a loved one that happens to be either, these would make ultimate Christmas presents!!!!

You can find all these awesome goodies at their LUSH online store or you can head in to your LUSH city store.

Wishing all my Beautiful readers a Safe and Happy Christmas and here's to the new year


Z xx

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