Monday, July 7, 2014

LUSH Rundle Mall Re-Opening Launch Party

LUSH Rundle Mall Re-Opening Launch Party 

I was lucky enough to be invited by Lush to their Rundle Mall Re-Opening Launch Party. I must admit, I have never really bought a product from their store (I have browsed inside a couple of times though), however, I had been given one of their (ever popular Popcorn flavored) lip scrubs by a friend and loved it! I was excited as this was a great opportunity to get to know LUSH.

The Line Up for the LUSH Re-Opening

In a rush to get to the LUSH Re-Opening Launch Party

I was (literally) in a rush to get to Lush (I kid you not) for their launch party. I had arrived there just a couple of minutes before 5PM and was not surprised at all to find an endless line. For those who were lucky enough to get there earlier there were vegan cupcakes and pink lemonade drinks on offer while product demonstrations were conducted inside. 

My absolute LUSH favorites!

Going into a LUSH store, you know you are always going to be greeted with an amazing concoction of aromas from all their products. Body creams, face masks, bath bombs, deodorants and hair treatments are just a few of the amazing products LUSH provides. They offer delicious pampering treats from head to toe using all natural, fresh and active ingredients (e.g. their facial masks are freshly made and have a fridge life of 3 weeks and because their lip scrubs are made of natural and fresh ingredients they are edible enough to eat...WIN). It is also good to know that LUSH products are vegan friendly.

Inside we were given a demonstration of the facial masks (on our hands of course) by the lovely store manager Nelya. Speaking about the benefits of each mask and how particular natural ingredients in the masks can help treat certain skin types and skin problems, I found quite interesting. We were also offered to sample all the other lip scrubs on our hands (hello Bubblegum, you may be my next victim) and I have to say I will be returning to the store to restock!

Sampling one of the many masks on offer.

With the popularity of the LUSH Cosmetics Re-Opening Launch Party it was hard to manoeuvre around and see all the products they had to offer as the store was packed.  I must say with the new arrangements and look of what I did see (e.g. the face masks all displayed on an ice table and oriental style gift boxes) looked A-mazing! 

Delicious Chocolate mask!

Overall, I believe it was a very successful Re-Opening launch party and I'd like to thank LUSH for inviting me to this exciting and wonderful event. 

Do you have a favorite LUSH product? If so, what do you recommend? Comment below.

Till next time Beautiful People,

Z xx

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