Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Favorites

Hello Beautiful Beauty Junkies,

This blog post has been something I thought would be great to do in addition to the monthly beauty box sub posts I usually do and product reviews. My monthly favorites. I did miss out on posting a January favorites post so I'm adding it to this months post (as this is the first "Monthly Favorites"). 

With the Monthly Favorites post, I'll be talking about the most used/favored products I have been using for the month, why I have been using them, as well as the benefits and features they may have. Sometimes I will be adding "Beauty Rejects". These are products I've either regretted purchasing due to the fact it hasn't given me the desired result, product quality is poor and has not lived up to it's expectation (what the product promises it will do but fails to). 

So given that there's quite a few products to feature this month let's begin my February Favorites. (Warning: As always I get picture happy with my blogs!!)

The following aren't in any particular order...

Teeez Cosmetics Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner in Black Onyx (RRP $16): I got this from January's Lip Factory Box (review here), I have found myself using it more than my L'Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner (which happens to be my HG when it comes to eyeliners). It has a play time of 45 seconds and then becomes budge/smudge proof. It's longlasting and requires a good makeup remover. It is an automatic/retractable liner and at the end of has both a smudger and sharpener (which is pretty handy). The eyeliner has a very strong black pigmentation with speckles of blue glitter which is perfect for a nights smokey eye look. I love a product that has eye catching packaging (in which Teeez Cosmetics do, that is similar to Urban Decays) and the product itself does what it promises to do. The reason why this has been my months favorite is because it requires less effort, the liner glides on easily and with a gentle stroke offers a strong opaque color. It is the perfect apply and go! No need to wipe a clean brush, sharpen a pencil or unlike other pencils where you need to go over a line repeatedly to get the desired opacity. The only downfall of this product is the availability. You get a pretty good amount but if you're an avid eyeliner user like myself then this product won't last you very long and you'll need to purchase another one in which I will be doing there's a site that offers delivery to Australia as for some reason it's official site doesn't offer an online purchasing store :( :(

Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in Hot Chocolate (RRP $2.50): Essence was first launched in the German Cosmetic Markets in 2002 (is now sold in 60 countries) and has been Europe's no#1 cosmetic brand since. It's easy to see why. Essence has the complete 4 stars/ticks. Great quality, affordable price, cute packaging and outstanding products that deliver, which is why I have been a big fan of this cosmetic brand since it launched into our shores (first at Target then Priceline followed suit) in late 2011. They're cruelty free too which is a plus! You'll probably find that I will feature their brand quiet often in my monthly favorites as I use and re-purchase quite a lot of their products. 

Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil is an automatic, twist mechanism (retractable) pencil that delivers a creamy, strong bold color that lasts all day. Again, this pencil also has a playtime of around 30 seconds and after that it's complete budge/smudge proof (in which can be annoying at times for what I use it for). I use this pencil mainly as my brow pencil. Unlike other brow pencils what I love about this one is the unbelievable super staying power. I often have to remind myself to do one eyebrow at a time or I am left with one brow that has a heavy dark (not blended) line. The creamy stay put formula acts as the wax and base for my brows but requires quick blending (remember the playtime) that I later fill in with brow powder or eyeshadow. It's price affordability means I could easily buy them in bulk (not really necessary), but their quite the multi-tasker as well. Besides using it as a brow pencil, I also use it as a base for a brown smokey eye look and for it's purpose as an eyeliner. Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil in Hot Chocolate is the perfect brown eyeliner color that I have been looking for. Days when I don't want to rock the dark black eyeliner look I often reach out for this shade as it compliments my big and very dark (evil looking) brown eyes. Apply to both your upper and lower lash line, smudge and you've got yourself some hot bedroom eyes! 

 Sportsgirl Pout About It in Bombshell (RRP $9.95): I had this product featured in my Valentines Day Special Make Up Ideas blog and has been my ultimate favorite red lipstick. The blue based red compliments all skin shades. Especially flattering on olive and tanned skin tone (like myself). It is a matte finish but the formula is creamy, moisturizing and non drying on the lips. Did I mention how beautifully opaque this shade is? One application leaves your lips looking all lusciously and velvety kissable. Speaking of kissable, the only downfall of this lipstick is it's very easily transferable. Meaning if you're kissing, eating/drinking and what not then there's a high chance it's going to rub off and transfer on to your man/food/drink and worse case scenario on your chin or above your upper lip (this happens too often for me...I don't know why). At $9.95 I've found this lipstick to be just as good as it's high end competitors (ahem MAC) and a great dupe as well. When wearing a lipstick that's bright and bold in color, I always believe in this aZHianBeauty mantra "keep your face FRESH, (your eyes lined) and your lips BOLD!"

Rimmel London Stay Matte Mousse Foundation in Natural Beige (RRP $14.95): I've read a lot of great reviews about this particular product. For those who have an oily skin  like I do then you know it's hard to find a good product that will keep you looking shine free all day. I've used a lot of products promising to keep my face looking all greasy but I've found it doesn't last me more than 3 hours or so. No amount of matte powder or foundation can keep my oils at bay (gross much) so that is why I was skeptic about this one. As much as I love MAC's Studio Fix Foundation (in NW 40 and NC 43 mixed), I wanted a foundation that wouldn't require me to constantly touch up with powder through out the entire day. Fortunately my local drugstore Priceline had a sale and so I went to purchase this one in the darkest shade they had to offer (it is actually quiet light on my skin but I've found myself mixing it in with either my Mehron or MAC foundations). Rimmel London Stay Matte Mousse Foundation delivers what it an extent. The foundation texture is creamy more than it is mousse like and blends well when mixed in with other foundation. It has medium coverage but doesn't feel too heavy or caked on. I'm amazed as I have not found drugstore foundation brands as good as this since L'Oreal's old True Match formula in Creme Cafe (which was my holy grail of foundations and perfect skin color match). This doesn't require as much touch ups with powder as it does dry and set to a powder finish. The downfall is that it doesn't last that long. I've found that this lasts me a good 5 hours before I see that it starts to wear off. Now, I don't know whether it's because of the foundations staying power is not as good or that the formula has weakened as I have mixed it in with other foundations. I do like this foundation I just wish they offered a wider color range for darker skin tones. 

 Australis Velour Lips Matte Lip Cream in TOK-I-O (RRP $9.95): I'm a huge lip junkie (if you can't tell already) and I've been obsessed with purple lips. So when I saw a friend posting this gem on her Instagram page and raving about how awesome it was, I had to go and try it out myself. Again, my local drugstore Priceline had this on a special sale for $6.95 and I felt it was just meant to be as I am absolutely in love with this product. First off the package itself is simple BUT, emphasis on BUT as the color on the tube makes up for it as it's as eye catching as ever. The purple is bold, neon like with blue-ish and pink-ish tinge. On the lips the color is the same as it is on the packaging, bold, purple and matte as they come. It's a shade that is definitely not for the faint of heart and more for the daring and adventurous. The color when applied is very pigmented and opaque and completely covers those with strong naturally pigmented lips (like myself). One application of the product is enough and lasts all day. I have found this not only long lasting and but once dried it is completely budge and smudge proof. And the best thing? Is that it is non transferable!! You can kiss, eat and drink as much as you like and the color stays on and on and on.... meaning you won't leave a trail of purple lips. The con of this is that it does have a drying affect because of it's finishing consistency/texture, it can leave your lips feeling dry and you will feel like you have something on your lips (which can feel annoying at times). It's not the usual feeling you have when you put lipstick on where you forget you're wearing it, the matte/velvet effect feels like you've walked through the Sahara desert without lip balm. I'm not saying it gives you dry, cracked lips, it just FEELS like you do (I'm not sure if I'm explaining this properly lol). My advise before applying this is to exfoliate and moisturize your lips.

 Sexy Hair Volumizing Spray (RRP $24):  I've been in search for a good hairspray with a strong hold yet feels like you're not wearing any hairspray at all. I didn't think a product like this was possible but Big Sexy Hair delivers it! It's on the pricey side from your regular hairspray but this is an amazing product and it is a staple in my hair routine. For those of you who follow me on Beautylish this is my HG hair product and I swear by this to keep those waves Big Sexy Bouncy and soft to touch! It also doubles as a finishing shine spray as it's left me with shiny locks. It is not at all like your regular hairspray where it leaves your hair stiff, dry and looking flat after a few hours. This baby holds all day and all night. The Sexy Hair website claim Big Sexy Hair ... "Gives your hair moveable and unbelievable volume, lift and hold. This firm, fast-drying volumizing hairspray leaves hair manageable and super shiny while defending it against damaging UV rays. Its extra strength won’t diminish under humidity and it is great for any hair type."

Avon's ANEW Vitale Skincare System (RRP $28): I was given this skincare system to trial and although I haven't been using it for that long but I can already see myself adapting this as my new skincare routine. To begin with, I've always been loyal to my Sense Beautiful Science by USANA Skincare regime but with it's $250+ price range I've found it hard to keep up and with overseas travels I have planned this year I've been opting for cheap drugstore alternatives like Garnier's PURE Active range. I was lucky enough to be given this to try out and have found this to be a great alternative. Avon's Anew Vitale Skincare range are targeted for the 25+ age range, for the everyday active woman fighting the early signs of ageing and stress, dullness and fatigue. It also contains SPF 25 to protect the skin from sun damage . According to AVON : Whether you're a night owl or an early bird, don't let it show, stay fresh faced with hardworking skincare that keeps up with you. Powered by ProEnergy Complex and designed for women 25+, ANEW Vitale helps to strengthen the skins structure and fight the signs of ageing caused by everyday stress.

This mini kit is ideal to take with you especially if you're a traveler. You can purchase these individually and in full sizes. For someone with oily skin I have found that the day and night cream have a lightweight cream consistency, non oily, lightly scented, doesn't clog pores and are not like other moisturizing creams that contain SPF where they're thick and greasy. My favorite is the eye gel. The cooling effect once applied, relaxes the stress you may have underneath the eyes while the cleanser is gentle enough without leaving your skin dry but strong enough to remove all traces of makeup leaving you with clean and clear skin. I am really loving this kit and have already put an order for the full size products.

14 Day Regimen System Kit Includes:
  • Cleanser 30ml
  • Day Cream SPF 25 15g
  • Night Cream 15g
  • Eye Gel 15g

NYX Matte Lipstick in NUDE (RRP $12.95 @Target AUSTRALIA): I've always been loyal to MAC's Peachstock lipstick as my all time fave nude lippy. Till I discovered just how beautiful of a color NYX Matte Lipstick in Nude was. Although this color looks like it could give you that washout effect, it is surprisingly wearable and compliments most skin tones. It leans towards the peach family and although it is a matte finish, the lipstick is creamy, moisturizing and leaves a subtle sheen on the lips. When I'm not reaching for my Bombshell I find myself using this along with a heavy smokey eye look.

Model Co FatLash Volumising Black Mascara (RRP $20)Another product I received from one of my beauty subscription boxes (Bellabox review here). I have always been a fan of Model Co products. In particular their Shimmer Whip and their Tan in Can products so it's no wonder I've become a fan of their FatLash Mascara. The packaging itself is eye catching and I'm loving the metallic pink (which has become a Model Co trademark). It claims to volumize, lengthen and curl your lashes. Volume wise I'm not sure whether they  follow through with that claim however, I can't deny it definitely delivers in length and curl. The mascara has a ball like brush head tip that helps in coating those lashes in hard to reach places as well as the lower lashes, which is why I love this mascara and also for the lengthening effect. Model Co claim that the creamy formula is good enough that you can continue to coat your lashes through the day to get the desired effect without clumps. I've tested this and although it doesn't give you the clumpy effect, it does however give you the spider (legs) lashes look which I'm not sure I'm a fan of ?!?!?!?

So there we have it my beauty junkies. We have wrapped up my February Favorites and although it was a lengthy one, I hope you have had a good read. Keep an eye out for next months monthly favorites, you never know your faves maybe featured. What have been your favorites for this month???

Till next time my Beauty Junkies,

Z xx

*Disclaimer: The pictures featured on this post are of my own work and are owned be me. This is NOT a sponsored post.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fall/Winter Trends of 2014

If you've been tuning in to the New York Fashion Week (or any of the FW Shows for 2014) like I have then you'll notice the beauty trends that models have been sporting on the runway. With Autumn nearing our Australian Shores and Spring/Summer on the other side of the globe, you've probably been intrigued just as I have to see what trends we should be looking out for this coming season. Which looks indeed will we dare to rock?

Read on to find out what has graced the NYFW and runways shows this year.

All Hail The King: One of the biggest trends on NYFW has been (and it seems there will be no stopping) the heavy use of black eyeliner! Whether it be liquid, gel or kohl (or even a mixture of all 3), no doubt winged (and double winged) eyes are here to stay!

Take Me Back To The 60's:
False Lashes top and bottom and nude lips (think Bridgette Bardot/Twiggy makeup) were the focal point for the Gucci show. Who doesn't love the sultry doe-eyed sex-bomb look? Jean Pierre Braganza used this look at London Fashion week and I have to say this may be my go to look for fall.

Feeling the Blues & Metallics: 
Another trend that was big on the runways were metallic lids. Smokey eyes were covered in metallic colors as well as strong emphasis on blue hues (eg. Pantone's Reflex Blue). Whether the cobalt blue color was making statements on clothes, it was definitely featured on lids or rimming the models eyes. Emeralds were also making their statements.

Reds, Plums and Luscious Berries: Reds are still rocking in some runways and the trend doesn't look like it will ever end. Opaque reds bringing forth the most romantic looks on the runway and red stained lips were featured in the Prada shows. Meanwhile Perfect Plums, Bright Berries and Berry Stains were featured in the Spring 2014 Michael Kors show as well as Dolce and Gabbana's 2014 Milan Fashion Week.

Orange Fever: Another trend still coasting this year and was still featured on the runway is the bold statement of neon like Orange lips. Minimal face, bold lips.

So for my fellow Aussie Beauty Junkies, which trend will you be rocking this fall/winter? 

For my international Beauty Junkies (who may have just had their fall/winter season) which trend did you follow or will be following for spring/summer?

As for me I'll be trying out each of these trends, however I'm more excited about the 60's inspired makeup trend.

Till next time my beauties,

Z. xx

*Disclaimer: The pictures used in this post are not of my work but are merely inspirations and examples. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Day Make Up Ideas

Valentines Day is just around the corner and because us girls want to impress the love of our lives, I thought it would be a great idea to do some Valentines Day makeup looks.

Make Up Look No. 1: 
We all love the whole sultry look, smoked eyes and rose red colored lips. What better day to do this than on valentines day. 

For Deep Red Lips try: Australis Velour Lips in NY-CEE, Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Matte Lipstick in no. 112, Wet n Wild in Cherry Bomb, MAC Lipstick in Diva, Ruby Woo and Riri Woo, MAC Viva Glam I, NYX Lipstick in Chaos and Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Rosary.

Make Up Look No. 2:
I thought this look would be great since it's summer here in Australia so going with the whole bright summer theme (and it's been featured excessively in the Spring 2014 fashion runways), Orange lips is hot right now. It's hard to pull off but if you find the right orange shade that's perfect for your skin color then you'll be wanting to rock this color all season long. Team this bright lip with minimal eye makeup (a not so dramatic winged liner and coats of mascara), a great bronzer and a rose gold/champagne tint illuminator/highlighter and you're glowing and hot like the sun.

For Orange lips try: MAC Morange, Australis Velour Lips in Rio-D, Savvy Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in Maui, Maybelline New York Vivid Colors Lipstick in Electric Orange, NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave and Chi Chi Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick in First Class.

Make Up Look No. 3:
Peach and Nude Lips never fail. It's the safest zone. You can go anywhere with these two lip shades and they suit ANY skin color. You can team them up with a dramatic smokey eye or minimal eye makeup. 

For Peach Lips try: NYX Xreme Lip Cream in Peach Fuzz, YSL Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion and Tender Peach.

For Nude Lips try: NYX Circe, Honey,  MAC Peachstock, Fleshpot, Myth, Shy Girl and Hue.

My advice if you are thinking about going for one of the first two makeup looks, make sure you pick them in a matte format. As gorgeous as glossy lips look, it's valentines day and I'm sure your valentine doesn't want it transferred on their own lips, so you're going to want to find a lipstick/gloss/stain that's budge proof and transfer resistant.

Here are a couple of looks I tried using MAC Lipstick in Morange and Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Matte Lipstick in no. 112.

Well, there we have it for the makeup part. I hope you like these looks and I hope you give them a try. 

Whatever you have planned for valentines day remember, whether you're with your valentine, family member or friends, make sure you take the time to tell them how much you love and appreciate them. If you're a lone ranger on that day take the time to pamper and love yourself.

Z. x

 Disclaimer: Please note some of the pictures featured in this blog post may not be my own.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Top 5 Beauty DON'T's: The Make Up Edition

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” 

I often like to think that there are no rules when it comes to makeup and fashion. To be totally outrageous is an expression of ones creativity...unfortunately there are some that are just crying out for some attention. Given whatever look one goes for not all of us are going to be on the same page on whether it's a Hit or a Miss, thumbs up or thumbs down. When it comes to fashion we are so used to some outrageous attires and trends out there that we are all accustomed to a few 'interesting' and 'out-there' looks because it's all about discovering ones individual style.

Makeup on the other hand is a different story. You can explore all the colors of the rainbow and color charts, you'll get a win or a fail with looks that are either going to flatter you or make you look like a clown, period. Application is of the essence. What made me decide to do this blog is through the inspiration of seeing some (ahem) acquaintances. I often found myself walking away scratching my head thinking "how on earth can one think THAT looks good and expect no one to laugh?". Now, I know you're thinking I'm being a little catty here, but don't worry I too have made some makeup faux pas in the past, but what we all need to learn is that too much make up is just..well too much! Make Up I believe is meant to help enhance what God has given you, however there are some flaws we would like concealed by using makeup but too much bronzer is NOT a good look.

Make Up DON'T No. 1: Bronzer Blunder

 Unless you're auditioning for a remake or sequel of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory then again NO! Bronzers are to leave you with a nice sunkissed glow, a hint of color or are used for contouring, not for covering your entire face in a thick layer that you literally look like you've dipped/rubbed your head/face in a bucket of mud/turd/cocoa/coffee powder or orange paint. It's probably one of the makeup faux pas I find quiet annoying as it's hard to miss yourself looking like an oompa loompa when you're looking at yourself in the mirror. How can you think, "damn I'm looking good tonight"? You're only excuse is that you've been applying your makeup in the dark. Damn girl, apply your makeup with the LIGHT ON. Applying make up with good lighting is also of the essence!

The best reads for the purposes of bronzers are here and here.

Make Up DON'T No. 2: Forgetting to BLEND

This is probably one of the other popular makeup faux pas'. Even the most skilled MUA's can sometimes do this. When you're starting out with makeup, I think one of the most important rules (in which I wish I was told this when I first used to apply makeup) is that blending is EVERYTHING in getting a flawless look. Whether you're blending your eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, concealer or foundation, blending is essential and with that having the right tools to use for blending is also important.

Why blending your makeup is essential is that you don't want to see where the harsh lines of your makeup begins or ends (see examples).

Make Up DON'T No. 3: Mismatched Foundation

If you're new to makeup it's hard to find the right foundation that matches your exact skin tone, but if you're a makeup junkie and enthusiast there is no excuse to be wearing the wrong foundation color. I've often made this mistake myself. I'll buy foundation shades more than 2 shades lighter or darker when my own color is out of stock thinking I'll some how magically blend it to make it work with my skin color...FAIL!!! Unless you're buying foundation colors (2+ shades darker or lighter than your skin color) to use as a contour and highlighter then don't make this mistake or you'll be finding yourself constantly having to mix two foundation shades all the time and that's just too time consuming.

Another problem regarding finding the right foundation color is that most of us rely on trying out foundations in unnatural lighting. The best way I believe for an exact color match is to get a small sample of two foundation colors closest to your skin color. Take it home, try it and go outside and see if the color is a match. The best color match should blend evenly into your skin. Foundation is meant to be a light veil, a replication of your skin, an aid to conceal some imperfections, your canvas, your base and above all it's meant to look natural.

Make Up DON'T No. 4: Reverse Raccoon Eyes & Concealer Blunder

This is another blunder I'm also guilty of. It happens to some of us. We're forever concealing those late nights that often show up under our eyes (damn those dark circles). We're quick to reach out for any light colored concealer that we hope will magically erase/conceal them or we pick concealers that are way too light (oh say about 3-4 shades lighter) for our skin color as a highlighter so we can get that coveted Jennifer Lopez 

or Kim Kardashian glow (?!?!?)

 First off, I've learnt that using a salmon/peach tone colored concealer does wonders for concealing under eyes circles. If you are tanned or olive skin toned like me (my under eye circles are dark/purple-ish) then it is best to use yellow and salmon based concealer (see color wheel below).

If we look at the color wheel below (color theory work), these are colors opposite each other, now considering color correction these colors are able cancel each other out.

 For redness or blemishes, then green and yellow should be used, just as to cancel out and conceal blue (veins etc) then orange based concealers should be used.

Concealer base colors to use: 

Make Up DON'T No. 4: Panda Eyes

I know we've seen them being rocked on the fashion runway two years ago, I think the catwalk or on a photo shoot is the only excuse anyone can have for wearing outrageous makeup. However, some of us get this blunder even when we're doing our best to prevent this mishap or we're trying out a smokey eye for the first (or tenth) time. It could be because of oily eyelids (this is often my problem), the non-staying power of your eye makeup or incorrect makeup application (see my complete major makeup blunder below). The best way to prevent getting panda eyes is using an eye primer before applying any eyeshadow, try using a smudge proof eyeliner and water proof mascara so that your eye makeup doesn't slide down or smudge off.

Make Up DON'T No. 5: Eyebrows

No-No Brows:

Best brows in the Business:

If you happen to have eyebrows like I do (balding?? that the word to use for brows?), then you've likely committed the common mistake that everyone seems to make and that's drawing them on. Resulting in an unnatural shape and color. Back in the early 2000, the thin eyebrows were in and thick brows were looked at as ghastly creatures that needed a good wax job. Fast forward to now and everyone's lusting over Cara Delevigne's thick brows. Those that were winning in the thin brows trend are now doing all they can to grow theirs (aah hello me?!). The only way I've found to make mine look thick and natural has been filling them in. Draw, blend, fill, blend.

Here and here are a few simple guides on how to fill in your brows.

Here are a few examples when you apply makeup right, you get the most flawless results, getchu' some (makeup envy):

My very own makeup blunders: traggic!

Top: I was 16 and no one taught me how to use proper eyeshadow application :(
Bottom: a few years ago because reverse raccoon eyes was so 'in' (not) and those brows were horrendous!

Well there you have it beautiful people, that's this edition of Beauty Don'ts. If you have a Make Up Don't that I haven't mentioned on here, feel free to post your comment and let me know. What Make Up blunders and mistakes have you committed before? Share your stories by commenting below. I know I've embarrassed myself enough :-/

Till next time,

Z.  x

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Year of Subscription Boxes: January Lip Factory

Continuing on to my year of subscription beauty boxes, the second one I have subscribed to this year was Lip Factory. They were actually the first I had subscribed to, however given that it is an international subscription, I knew that shipping would take longer.

So for those of you who are reading this and aren't familiar with Lip Factory subscription boxes then the following information will hopefully give you some insight on the service they provide and what they offer.

Lip Factory offers subscription beauty boxes or 'beauty kits' (is what they like to call it) for $22 per month (for US subscribers), $26 if you reside in Canada and $32 for International subscribers. Given the mid price range for subscription boxes, you do get more value than what you are paying for. Your beauty kit is packed with 5-7 full size makeup products (whether they be for face or eyes or both), one will most definitely be a lip product as the focus is on the lips (hence the name). You do get the odd beauty sample thrown in the box now then as well as a bonus product. The products featured in these monthly boxes are carefully chosen by Lip Factory's expert team of MakeUp Artists and Beauty Specialists. Once subscribed it is ideal to fill up your personal beauty profile (in which this gives the LF team an idea on your skin type, favorite makeup trends etc), in order to customize and fill your beauty kits based on your profile.

Lip Factory packs well known brands in their boxes, however they do also throw in new ones, in which I favor. For me the purpose of beauty subscription boxes is to discover and try brands and products I have neither heard of or would not think to purchase. You can try various products (that are on trend) at the comfort of your home without having to go to a department store as these boxes are delivered to your door.

Again with research...

As I have mentioned on my previous post (here) before subscribing to these beauty boxes I had done some extensive research and tried to source out which boxes were going to offer me not just a better value, but a better range/variety of products to try and that suited to my taste in all things 'Beauty'. I had done the usual; googling images of their previous monthly boxes to see their featured brands and read blogs that posted reviews on their boxes for a good 5-6 months. By the new year (this year), I was convinced Lip Factory was definitely the box I could see myself loyally subscribing to and would be loving.

My first Lip Factory Box

So as I had mentioned earlier, I was expecting my box to arrive later than most as I am an international subscriber. Lip Factory is based in Florida (USA), while I am here in Australia. I had received my much awaited (and anticipated) January Lip Factory box only yesterday and I was already getting snap happy with my camera and product testing all the treats that were packed inside.

As you have probably guessed by now, I am a visual person. I love looking at pictures and I love taking pictures. Brace yourself for an array of photos of the products and swatches.

And here's what I got... 

  • 29 Cosmetics Preserves Skin Care Collection: Grape Seed Protection (Sample) $4
  • TEEEZE Trendy Cosmetics My Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner in Black Onyx $16.04
  • TEEEZE Trendy Cosmetics Island Palette Eyeshadow in Sweet Sins $16
  • Be A Bombshell Cosmetics The One Stick in Flustered $16
  • Bodyography Electric Lip Slide in Berry'd Alive $19

Some looks I put together using the products that were in the box:

Given that it's February today I'm already excited and looking forward to this months box! According to Lip Factory's Facebook page there will be more Teeeze cosmetics featured in the Feb box. I am loving all the products and colors. The Bodyography's Electric Lip Slide in Berry'd Alive being my favorite. The Teeeze eyeshadow and Eyeliner I am also loving too. HOW GORGEOUS IS THE PACKAGING????

The eyeliner has an all day staying power and the eyeshadow is a beautiful brown/green shade that suits any eye color. I am very pleased with the color selection.

So if you would like to  GETCHU SOME, subscribe to Lip Factory you can find their page here and enter this referral number 385793.

Do you have a subscription with Lip Factory? What were your favorite products in your box this month? COMMENT BELOW

Till next time