Sunday, February 9, 2014

Top 5 Beauty DON'T's: The Make Up Edition

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” 

I often like to think that there are no rules when it comes to makeup and fashion. To be totally outrageous is an expression of ones creativity...unfortunately there are some that are just crying out for some attention. Given whatever look one goes for not all of us are going to be on the same page on whether it's a Hit or a Miss, thumbs up or thumbs down. When it comes to fashion we are so used to some outrageous attires and trends out there that we are all accustomed to a few 'interesting' and 'out-there' looks because it's all about discovering ones individual style.

Makeup on the other hand is a different story. You can explore all the colors of the rainbow and color charts, you'll get a win or a fail with looks that are either going to flatter you or make you look like a clown, period. Application is of the essence. What made me decide to do this blog is through the inspiration of seeing some (ahem) acquaintances. I often found myself walking away scratching my head thinking "how on earth can one think THAT looks good and expect no one to laugh?". Now, I know you're thinking I'm being a little catty here, but don't worry I too have made some makeup faux pas in the past, but what we all need to learn is that too much make up is just..well too much! Make Up I believe is meant to help enhance what God has given you, however there are some flaws we would like concealed by using makeup but too much bronzer is NOT a good look.

Make Up DON'T No. 1: Bronzer Blunder

 Unless you're auditioning for a remake or sequel of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory then again NO! Bronzers are to leave you with a nice sunkissed glow, a hint of color or are used for contouring, not for covering your entire face in a thick layer that you literally look like you've dipped/rubbed your head/face in a bucket of mud/turd/cocoa/coffee powder or orange paint. It's probably one of the makeup faux pas I find quiet annoying as it's hard to miss yourself looking like an oompa loompa when you're looking at yourself in the mirror. How can you think, "damn I'm looking good tonight"? You're only excuse is that you've been applying your makeup in the dark. Damn girl, apply your makeup with the LIGHT ON. Applying make up with good lighting is also of the essence!

The best reads for the purposes of bronzers are here and here.

Make Up DON'T No. 2: Forgetting to BLEND

This is probably one of the other popular makeup faux pas'. Even the most skilled MUA's can sometimes do this. When you're starting out with makeup, I think one of the most important rules (in which I wish I was told this when I first used to apply makeup) is that blending is EVERYTHING in getting a flawless look. Whether you're blending your eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, concealer or foundation, blending is essential and with that having the right tools to use for blending is also important.

Why blending your makeup is essential is that you don't want to see where the harsh lines of your makeup begins or ends (see examples).

Make Up DON'T No. 3: Mismatched Foundation

If you're new to makeup it's hard to find the right foundation that matches your exact skin tone, but if you're a makeup junkie and enthusiast there is no excuse to be wearing the wrong foundation color. I've often made this mistake myself. I'll buy foundation shades more than 2 shades lighter or darker when my own color is out of stock thinking I'll some how magically blend it to make it work with my skin color...FAIL!!! Unless you're buying foundation colors (2+ shades darker or lighter than your skin color) to use as a contour and highlighter then don't make this mistake or you'll be finding yourself constantly having to mix two foundation shades all the time and that's just too time consuming.

Another problem regarding finding the right foundation color is that most of us rely on trying out foundations in unnatural lighting. The best way I believe for an exact color match is to get a small sample of two foundation colors closest to your skin color. Take it home, try it and go outside and see if the color is a match. The best color match should blend evenly into your skin. Foundation is meant to be a light veil, a replication of your skin, an aid to conceal some imperfections, your canvas, your base and above all it's meant to look natural.

Make Up DON'T No. 4: Reverse Raccoon Eyes & Concealer Blunder

This is another blunder I'm also guilty of. It happens to some of us. We're forever concealing those late nights that often show up under our eyes (damn those dark circles). We're quick to reach out for any light colored concealer that we hope will magically erase/conceal them or we pick concealers that are way too light (oh say about 3-4 shades lighter) for our skin color as a highlighter so we can get that coveted Jennifer Lopez 

or Kim Kardashian glow (?!?!?)

 First off, I've learnt that using a salmon/peach tone colored concealer does wonders for concealing under eyes circles. If you are tanned or olive skin toned like me (my under eye circles are dark/purple-ish) then it is best to use yellow and salmon based concealer (see color wheel below).

If we look at the color wheel below (color theory work), these are colors opposite each other, now considering color correction these colors are able cancel each other out.

 For redness or blemishes, then green and yellow should be used, just as to cancel out and conceal blue (veins etc) then orange based concealers should be used.

Concealer base colors to use: 

Make Up DON'T No. 4: Panda Eyes

I know we've seen them being rocked on the fashion runway two years ago, I think the catwalk or on a photo shoot is the only excuse anyone can have for wearing outrageous makeup. However, some of us get this blunder even when we're doing our best to prevent this mishap or we're trying out a smokey eye for the first (or tenth) time. It could be because of oily eyelids (this is often my problem), the non-staying power of your eye makeup or incorrect makeup application (see my complete major makeup blunder below). The best way to prevent getting panda eyes is using an eye primer before applying any eyeshadow, try using a smudge proof eyeliner and water proof mascara so that your eye makeup doesn't slide down or smudge off.

Make Up DON'T No. 5: Eyebrows

No-No Brows:

Best brows in the Business:

If you happen to have eyebrows like I do (balding?? that the word to use for brows?), then you've likely committed the common mistake that everyone seems to make and that's drawing them on. Resulting in an unnatural shape and color. Back in the early 2000, the thin eyebrows were in and thick brows were looked at as ghastly creatures that needed a good wax job. Fast forward to now and everyone's lusting over Cara Delevigne's thick brows. Those that were winning in the thin brows trend are now doing all they can to grow theirs (aah hello me?!). The only way I've found to make mine look thick and natural has been filling them in. Draw, blend, fill, blend.

Here and here are a few simple guides on how to fill in your brows.

Here are a few examples when you apply makeup right, you get the most flawless results, getchu' some (makeup envy):

My very own makeup blunders: traggic!

Top: I was 16 and no one taught me how to use proper eyeshadow application :(
Bottom: a few years ago because reverse raccoon eyes was so 'in' (not) and those brows were horrendous!

Well there you have it beautiful people, that's this edition of Beauty Don'ts. If you have a Make Up Don't that I haven't mentioned on here, feel free to post your comment and let me know. What Make Up blunders and mistakes have you committed before? Share your stories by commenting below. I know I've embarrassed myself enough :-/

Till next time,

Z.  x


  1. Love this post! Hilarious and so true! We are all guilty of some of these mistakes at times I think :)

    1. Hehe Thank you, I wanted to write an interesting piece and talk about "the make up no no's" even us (beauty) bloggers have done in the past or... present. I'm glad you loved it :)