Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fall/Winter Trends of 2014

If you've been tuning in to the New York Fashion Week (or any of the FW Shows for 2014) like I have then you'll notice the beauty trends that models have been sporting on the runway. With Autumn nearing our Australian Shores and Spring/Summer on the other side of the globe, you've probably been intrigued just as I have to see what trends we should be looking out for this coming season. Which looks indeed will we dare to rock?

Read on to find out what has graced the NYFW and runways shows this year.

All Hail The King: One of the biggest trends on NYFW has been (and it seems there will be no stopping) the heavy use of black eyeliner! Whether it be liquid, gel or kohl (or even a mixture of all 3), no doubt winged (and double winged) eyes are here to stay!

Take Me Back To The 60's:
False Lashes top and bottom and nude lips (think Bridgette Bardot/Twiggy makeup) were the focal point for the Gucci show. Who doesn't love the sultry doe-eyed sex-bomb look? Jean Pierre Braganza used this look at London Fashion week and I have to say this may be my go to look for fall.

Feeling the Blues & Metallics: 
Another trend that was big on the runways were metallic lids. Smokey eyes were covered in metallic colors as well as strong emphasis on blue hues (eg. Pantone's Reflex Blue). Whether the cobalt blue color was making statements on clothes, it was definitely featured on lids or rimming the models eyes. Emeralds were also making their statements.

Reds, Plums and Luscious Berries: Reds are still rocking in some runways and the trend doesn't look like it will ever end. Opaque reds bringing forth the most romantic looks on the runway and red stained lips were featured in the Prada shows. Meanwhile Perfect Plums, Bright Berries and Berry Stains were featured in the Spring 2014 Michael Kors show as well as Dolce and Gabbana's 2014 Milan Fashion Week.

Orange Fever: Another trend still coasting this year and was still featured on the runway is the bold statement of neon like Orange lips. Minimal face, bold lips.

So for my fellow Aussie Beauty Junkies, which trend will you be rocking this fall/winter? 

For my international Beauty Junkies (who may have just had their fall/winter season) which trend did you follow or will be following for spring/summer?

As for me I'll be trying out each of these trends, however I'm more excited about the 60's inspired makeup trend.

Till next time my beauties,

Z. xx

*Disclaimer: The pictures used in this post are not of my work but are merely inspirations and examples. 


  1. Thank you so much Toni :)
    I hope you enjoyed reading it and hope you give one of the trends a try ;)