Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's the year of Subscription Beauty Boxes (it is at least for aZHianBeauty): January BellaBox

I wanted this year to be the year where I am brave. Brave enough to do things out of my comfort zone. Try out new things and try out new products.

Makeup wise I've found that the best way for this resolution to come forth was to subscribe to beauty boxes. 

It's a genius idea. You're offered deluxe samples to try out so you know what works and what doesn't, what you like and what you don't. Quiet often beauty box companies throw in full size products in your boxes so you're getting more than what you are paying for. 

There are wide ranges to choose from, but given that I'm in Australia I'm still on the hunt for the perfect box that gives me full beauty product variety...and those that are able to ship internationally. 

Now as a product junkie, I'm always happy to try out anything in the name of beauty. I believe for a product to be a winner, is if that product does what it says it will do (plump, define, erase, conceal you get the jist), has a variety of color options to tailor most and (sadly) an eye catching and pretty packaging. I say sadly because I've bought products before where I love the packaging but the product itself was a major failure.

Doing research...

After a couple of months (4), of seeing the monthly goodies put in there previous  boxes aswell as Facebook stalking their pages (fess up, we all do it), you pretty much get the idea of what you could be expecting. I also like to see the brands they are associated with and offer so I can see if there's a brand that I might be inclined to try before I buy.

Most beauty boxes contain deluxe size beauty samples and some full size makeup (most often a lipstick or lip gloss), so I had wanted to subscribe to a couple. The first one being Bellabox.  

Now, before I go into detail about what I got on my very first month of subscribing, Bellabox is an Australian beauty subscription box where you get 5+ beauty samples at an affordable price of $15 per month. I joined up early of january (this year) and took the "$10 for your first box coupon", also a week and a half before they were sending out shipping notifications. I received my box quiet promptly without a long waiting time. You also get tracking for your boxes which is a plus and the shipping is already included in the cost of the subscription (double plus).

I received my box last friday-17th of January (2014).

Introducing to you my first box...☺

Product card / contents in the box:

I've never tried Avene or La Clinica beauty products before and even though on the beauty profile (that you fill in about your skincare concerns/type etc) I entered that I have oily skin, the Avene products they gave me was catered for someone with dry skin 😒...

Hmmm...however since this is my first beauty sub box and as a product junkie I'm very happy with what I got. I got 2 full size product y'all!

I've tried the Model Co Fat Lash mascara. I gotta say, I'm liking it alot. It doesn't clump which is amazing. The mascara brush is a genius and its good at getting into hard to reach places of your lashes and it's lengthening effect is amazing. It's also volumizing and doesn't require much layers of coating either. 

I'm very much looking forward to next months box...but before that I'm looking forward to another beauty sub box that I've subscribed to; Lip Factory. 

If you'd like to subscribe to Bellabox or check out their site here.

I'm looking to subscribe to more, so if you know of any good ones or if you have any favorites and are subscribed to, comment below and let me know.
What do you think about these beauty sub boxes?

Till next time,



  1. I can only reply as anon because I don't have any of these accounts lol. As for Bellabox I love them,. I've had 4 boxes from them so far, and Jan will be my 5th (I haven't received mine yet). I've things that I've bought. In my opinion though, I'd say the best Aussie sub box at the moment is Violet Box. I've only had 3 boxes so far, and so far the make up I've received equals almost $200 worth. Still waiting on my Jan box from them too. VB is $22.95 per month, but they have a discount code up on the moment to get $10 off for your first month (February). I only subscribe to those 2 boxes, so can't give an opinion on any others. Kalynda

    1. Hi Kalynda :)
      I'm glad you like Bellabox as well. I'm sorry you haven't received yours yet, I'm sure you will soon. Have you notified Bellabox about it? I've looked at a couple of the Voilet Box's and they do look pretty good too, I love it when boxes put a couple of makeup products in there, so under your recommendations I might sub to them too. At the moment I'm subbed to Lip factory as well (first box), so we'll see how they are. Heard alot of positive reviews from them too. Have you heard/seen of their boxes?

    2. I actually received my bellabox today, and it's pretty good.

  2. Argh, my internet is playing up. I've heard of Lip factory and have seen one box, but think I'll stick to the 2 I have for now. There's a facebook page called Beauty Box Addict and she subscribes to pretty much every box out there, in Australia and the US. :) Kalynda

    1. That's good you got your box, hope you like it. There were a lot of variations to it this month, from what I've seen. Yeah I'm looking forward to my other box but I definitely will try out Violet Box. Keep a look out for that review in the near future :)