Sunday, January 26, 2014

The NYX Best Thing

I've been riding the matte lips train for a while but occasionally I like to take a ride in the lipgloss express (corny much Z :-/ ).

As much as I love lipsticks I've been obsessed with lipgloss since I was in high school. It was always and still is the first product I seem to go through more than anything (the second is my bronzer). So like most, I like to stock up on different brands and a variety of colors. I'm not too keen on glosses with too much glitter, in fact I don't tend to purchase those at all. Great pigmentation, long lasting, glosses that have a bearable scent, mega wattage on shine, are cruelty free and offers a wide variety of colors to choose from are winners in my book.

My favorite has been NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss. It's been a staple in my makeup bag. I love that it's non sticky formula delivers high shine that lasts for hours (no gunky feeling on your lips). Not to mention it's cruelty free which means it is NOT tested on animals. According to NYX Cosmetics official website:

"NYX Cosmetics is certified and acknowledged by organizations, such as PETA, as a cruelty free brand. NYX is committed to producing 100% cruelty-free cosmetics. NYX does not test any of its raw materials or finished products on animals." 


The scent is a mix of cherry and strawberry in which I've heard some may not be fans of but I quiet like the fruity/juicy smell. Also their lipgloss is sheer enough to add a hint of color if you don't choose to layer it on top of lipstick, however the opacity can be intensified if you coat the lips twice. Also, some colors in this lipgloss line I find are quiet pigmented already (eg. Dollypink). I often find that wearing the NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss is best on their own and doesn't require a lipstick for a base color. It's non sticky creamy consistency is incredibly moisturizing on the lips and makes the application easy and is best to use the doe foot applicator with it to get an even coat.

The NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss comes in 39 shades (counting.... please feel free to comment if my count is wrong on this). I feel like I get a variety out of these colors. For day wear and for night. Either way NYX Mega Shine Lipglosses have a wide range of colors to suit anyone of any color!

TIP: Make sure you use a lip scrub (or if you're like me who likes to scrub your lips with a tooth brush) so that you get an even and smooth application on your lips. After all who wants to kiss dry flaky lips??

So far I've found myself purchasing 5 of the same colors. These colors I have chosen are best suited for my skin color (MAC NW40) but I do believe these colors are quiet universal therefor they would flatter everyone.

From Top to Bottom: NYX MEGA SHINE LIPGLOSS in Dolly Pink, Cosmo, Nude Peach, Beige and Smokey Look.

Natural Lip Color (with clear lip balm):

 NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss Swatches on my lip:

  Dolly Pink


Nude Peach


Smokey Look

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss' are available here at NYX online website.
Alternatively if you are in Australia they can be found at selected Target stores nation wide or available online at Target.

Have you tried NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss? If so, what has been your favorite and go-to shade? (Comment down below).

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