Friday, January 17, 2014

Who is aZHian Beauty?

About Me

Well hello there Beautiful People,

My name is Zhahara (ZH pronounced and to sound like sh).

I live in a small city in Australia called Adelaide. Where it’s ridiculously hot during summer (46°C) to a rainy cold winter (in which I love).

I came to Australia when I was 7 years old and I have quite a diverse (mixed) background; the strongest, being Philippine and Spanish.

I have always had a passion for Arts. I’m a creative individual who believes in artistic expression through whatever niche it may be. I believe makeup is an art in itself.

I am a girls girl. I like anything pink. Barbie-like pink! My favorite colors are Purple and Aqua or Mint. The latter I can never decide on which one is better between the two. One leans more to green while the other to blue. I guess it depends on my mood.

You’ll find me rocking one of the 3 shades of my favorite colors on my nails. But when we’re talking about makeup on the face, I am adventurous. I’ll try out any look! Most days however, you’ll find me wearing nude colored toned lips, at night I’m indecisive between pink or red!

I am a self confessed makeup junkie and self taught in the art of makeup and makeup application and will forever be learning. 

I’ll be blogging reviews of makeup products and brands that I think are winners and losers, Celebrity Inspired “get the looks”, beauty and skincare product reviews, hauls and giveaways and along the way I’m hoping to share my knowledge, tips and tricks with you. I’m also going to blog about my weight loss journey and talk about tried and tested products. This is a new year and we all have resolutions/goals/dreams to fulfill.

Follow me on this journey… 

Z xxxx



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